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Student Feedback – Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker – Last week I had the opportunity to run motivational assemblies and workshops in schools all around the UK. Every motivational session was tailored towards the schools need; the student messages below are from Devizes school in Wiltshire, Yate Academy in South Gloucestershire and Hans Price Academy in Weston.

“Hello, thanks for seeing us at Devizes today, you were amazing the first time & I was so excited to see you today”

“Thank you for your talk today, you gave me good advice and it’s actually made me think”

“Devizes, thank you for coming again, I love your motivational talks they’re so much better than our assemblies”Yate International Academy - South Glos

“Your motivational speech at Devizes was hard hitting and made me realise that I ain’t the only one going through a really bad time and feel like I can’t do anything. Thank you for trying to keep my head high”

“Hi you came to Devizes school on Wednesday I think it was really good, you are very inspirational and got me thinking about what college I can look at and If I want to go to sixth form or not”

“You have really inspired me to listen and not let people distract me and not to let people laugh at you so now it doesn’t matter what my friends say, I will do what’s best for me, thanks for coming into my school”

Student Feedback From Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker

“Hello you came to my school the other day and your speech really inspired me”

“Hi Cameron you came to my school today YIA, thanks for the tips and such a funny guy”

Extra message I received  from Coleg Gwent student 2 months after the motivational session:

Bit late but thanks for the talk at College Gwent. Seriously helped me get over my years of high school which I struggled in. The talk helped me realise that I have to focus on now, not then and that’s helped me a lot”

If you are searching for guaranteed motivational impact and value then do not hesitate to email me personally on Until we connect, keep up the amazing work. Cameron Parker running motivational assemblies in Devizes Student Feedback – Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker

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