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Speaker for Award Evenings and Events

When it comes to picking a speaker for an awards evening or a specific event the pressure is on.

It is not a regular thing, so it is essential you make the right decision, therefore with the service Cameron provides there is no doubt Cameron can settle your nerves and support you in making the event one to remember.

Real Life – Real Stories – Real Value


It wasn't like any speaker I've seen before, you got my attention and you are honest. You wasn't all high and mighty throwing names around and boasting about business.

Thanks again for coming to our awards evening tonight, Cameron. We were all really impressed with your approach and look forward to working with you again very soon.


The big question – What are you looking for? Every event is different, so your requirements may vary, however Cameron has huge experience in tailoring his service to meet your exact needs.

Therefore, we can ensure you are 100% satisfied leading up the event and that the message is perfect for your audience. Delivery is key; and with significant preparation and Cameron’s experience, we are confident the impact and value will be displayed through the delivery of the motivational speech and the other responsibilities Cameron may have for the event.

Awards Ceremonies

Exciting, enthusiastic and engaging are some of the key factors you need to consider when choosing a speaker for your awards ceremony, and Cameron can provide all 3 plus more.

The speaking slot tends to be short and sharp so without a doubt Cameron has the experience to provide the exact impact and value you are looking for, starting the awards ceremony off with a bang.

Cameron can also support your team in handing out awards and pictures if this is something you are looking for, so there is no doubt Cameron can fulfil all your needs when it comes to awards ceremonies.