1 to 1 Coaching

1 to 1 with Cameron who’s a World Class Coach

“Cameron worked with my son over the last 12 months. He supported him with his mental health, mindset and future goals. I would 100% recommend Cameron, he is phenomenal.”

Drive Time Coaching

20 Minute Power 1 – 1 Coaching

Cameron spends a huge amount of time on the road educating and inspiring 100,000 teenagers every year. On a weekly basis parents of teenagers contact Cameron about 1-1 coaching. 

It hasn’t been something we have done until now. Cameron has started to take coaching calls on the road. This is the field Cameron specialises in; therefore in the coaching sessions you can expect high levels of impact and value.

It has been described as life changing.

 Price & Structure

20 Minutes a Session Only


1 Hour 1 – 1 Coaching

These 1 -1 coaching sessions are delivered over a video call for an hour. These coaching sessions will entail lots of preparation and are designed to take the teenager to the next level.

750,000 teenagers from around the world have had this experience working with Cameron. However not many people have the opportunity to work with him on a 1 – 1 basis. Our reputation speaks for itself and we believe we can add huge value.

 Price & Structure

Minimum 3 Sessions

£100 a Session x 3


“Working with Cameron on this level has helped me step up in so many areas of my life. I continue to use his advice and anytime I need more of a push I book in another call”

5 Stars Motivational Speaker for Schools Cameron Parker

“I’ve always struggled with school and Cameron has helped me make sense of many things. I needed direction and we worked through this, the goal setting stuff especially helped.”

1 to 1 Coaching for Teenagers

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