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Motivational Assembly – In October I had the opportunity to inspire at Ratton School in Eastbourne East Sussex. The day started with a motivational assembly to the year 11s, the session was incredible and I loved every minute of it. Once the motivational assembly was finished, we Motivational Assembly in Ratton school broke off into smaller workshops. The response was incredible, you can see the impact of my motivational service below:

“Hey thank you so much for your talk today at Ratton. I hope you know how much you have inspired me today. I can’t say how much you have helped and made me believe in myself and I know that I can be what I want to be! I promise you, you are going to be a reason I become a chef”Motivational Speaker Cameron Parker running a motivational assembly

“Your assembly was sick from Ratton school today and you are very inspiring”

“Your talk was funny and inspirational, gave me a lot of insight, from Ratton”

“Saw you talk at Ratton this morning! It was brilliant, thank you so much! Infinitely more motivational and interesting than usual assemblies”

“Hi I’m from Ratton school in Eastbourne and I would like to let you know that I feel so inspired after liCameron Parker Motivational Speaker stening to your talk. Thank you for adding to an insightful day”

“Thank you again for an awesome speech at Ratton this morning”

“I saw you this morning at Ratton! It was honestly the first hour I’ve ever spent in school completely engaged and interested, thank you so much”

“Yo Cam, I’m from Ratton and your talk with us today taught me a lot of things, thanks for your speech”

“You were really funny! And when you said that even though the ten pound note was torn, it’s worth was still the same, that stuck with me 🙂 I hope you have fun in Switzerland!”

Thank you for taking the time to read through the incredible student response after my motivational assembly and workshops. If you would like to see the same impact and value in your school then email me personally on and I will be in touch shortly. Motivational Assembly In East Sussex

Motivational Assembly

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