Motivational Speaker for Prisons

LIVE presentation delivered by UK’s #1 Motivational Speaker

“I loved your session and I really enjoyed our chat after. I think the lads really appreciated that, you are adding a lot of value to peoples lives and I hope to connect with you again in the near future.”

Option 1:

World Class Speech 60 – 90 Minutes

Option 2:

Workshop for Winners – Same Group All Day

Option 3:

60 Minute World Class Workshop x 5 Groups

Topics Covered:

Increasing Internal Motivation

Developing Growth – Mindset

Mental Health

Road to Resilience

Stress to Success

Everything mentioned above is some of the most common areas we focus on when working with in prisons. If you are searching for something slightly different then do not hesitate to ask.

Your GOAL:

Cameron is a highly experienced communicator who has worked with people for over 10 years. His goal is to always deliver a huge amount of value.

Cameron will communicate with you before the event to ensure your desired outcomes are met. He will use this information to tailor his session towards your needs.

Support young people to make well-informed decisions about their future education.

“After listening to Cameron Parker talk, our prisoners left the session more determined to succeed in life than ever before.  Cameron was equally engaging and enthusiastic and pitched the session perfectly which, to be honest, was not easy given the diversity of the audience in the room.  It was heartening to see the number of guys who hung back at the end wanting to offer their personal thanks.  Would definitely get Cameron back in again.”

Sharron Murray – HMP Sudbury

“Some of the men I spoke to really bought into you, I am happy to say. One resident stated that you really knew your target audience and I have also been approached by others that actually want to get into motivational public speaking, as they were really impressed by the fact that you were humble and a ‘normal guy’, speaking to them all in a respectful and appropriate manner.”

Adrian Husband – HMP Peterborough

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