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LIVE presentation delivered by UK’s #1 Schools Motivational Speaker

“Every time we have delivered a roadshow with him, he has been nothing but exceptional in what he does. I could not recommend Cameron enough to any school.”

Jackie Partridge - NCOP - University of Suffolk






Stress to Success

Also covered:



Higher Education

Importance of Character


Everything mentioned above is some of the most common areas we focus on when working with Uni Connect. If you are searching for something slightly different then do not hesitate to ask.  We can cover a wide range of different topics, and if Cameron can’t do it, then we will have someone who can.

We want to cover all of your programs important information and goals. Therefore we aim to meet your specific needs, as our focus is to ensure we educate and empower your targeted students. It is essential we are on the same page, so below we have identified your focus.

Your GOAL:

Focused on providing targeted higher education outreach to young people in years 9 to 13 living in particular geographic areas.

Reduce the gap in higher education participation between the most and least represented groups.

Support young people to make well-informed decisions about their future education.

Uni Connects we have partnered with:

It can be an extremely difficult job picking the correct external provider to work within your schools. Especially as you have to get the all-clear from the school before any intervention you run, the pressure is on, but most importantly everyone wants the best for the students.

Our focus is to deliver as much impact and value as we can; we believe we achieve that on a daily basis with thousands of student and teachers testimonials to confirm the success we have.

Cameron speaks the student’s language; with the experience, strategies, and resources to help take your Uni Connect to the next level.

There is no question Cameron and his team are the perfect fit for what you are looking for. So, to avoid missing out, it is important to get in touch today for us to start creating your bespoke package.


Your motivational sessions really helped me realise my mindset needs to change. Also, you made the talk interesting and fun, I now feel ready for the next step after school, thank you, Cameron.