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Motivational Speaking In UK Schools – Impact and value is exactly what Cameron Parker provides through motivational speaking. Cameron knew exactly how to approach the session when Hodge Hill College in Birmingham called him to motivate and inspire over 200 of their year 11 students just 3 weeks away from their first GCSE exam. Before we continue, listen to Andrew Morgan, a teacher from Hodge Hill College, speaking about Cameron’s motivational session:

You heard it for yourself and you can continue to browse Cameron’s website to see the opinion Andrew Morgan gave is a common one. With that said; through Cameron’s experience, he understands every school and every year group are facing their own unique challenges and it is essential they receive their own tailored sessions to meet their specific needs. The same principles may apply; but an approach with one school might not necessary work with another.

More information about the school:

Hodge Hill College is an 11-16 co-educational school serving a wide area to the north and east of Birmingham. It is an 8 form entry school with 1200 pupils on roll. The school serves a rich and diverse area with pupils coming from some 37 different feeder schools.

We have provided you with more information on the impact and value Cameron provides through motivational speaking. He had the pleasure to inspire over 50,000 students in schools all over the UK this year; leaving lasting impact on many lives and receiving close to 1,500 messages from students on social media personally thanking Cameron for his motivational work.

Our dream is to motivate and inspire every school in the UK; however time is the biggest restriction and Cameron’s diary is rapidly filling up for the next academic year.

So please if you are considering booking Cameron or have any questions then email and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as they can. We look forward to hearing and working with you very soon.

Motivational Speaking In UK Schools

Motivational Speaking In UK Schools

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