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Killer Of Motivation – Cameron Parker – We always wonder what the number one killer of motivation is. Although this may be a struggle because of course there are hundreds of things that can pull us down after experiencing a motivational high.  In the video I share with you the most common reason I hear when working with thousands of people around the UK:

Yes that is right; the number 1 killer of motivation is fatigue and I guarantee as soon as I said that you are probably thinking back to several times this happened to you.  Well it is extremely common; for most individuals this can happen 3 to 4 times a week.
When we are ‘knackered’ we become fatigued; the only thing on our mind is rest and we can’t be bothered to do anything. Our willpower decreases and we just ‘give up’ resulting in our productivity being next to nothing. The problem is when people wake up exhausted; the most common cause to this is not going to sleep at an appropriate time and now they are paying the price of that decision throughout the whole day and not only will that affect you but also the people around you.

Therefore we must create a mentality that we start respecting this idea of rest and recovery. It is essential for high performance; therefore if you are reading this, that tells me a lot about you and your character, you want success and you deserve it but you must be willing to put your head down earlier at night, to rest and re-gain the energy you lost in the day and instead of waking up tired you will wake up fired up and ready to attack the day, being fully alert of what is happening.

So there you have it; no break through information but the words I have shared are very important. If you are serious about feeling amazing and taking your life to the next level then get some sleep! Rest and relaxation are just as important as working hard.

Killer Of Motivation - Cameron Parker

Killer Of Motivation – Cameron Parker

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