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Year 11 Crunch Time Program – It’s no secret GCSE exams are fast approaching; mocks are nearly a thing of the past and if you are like the majority of teachers you want to provide your students with that final push, putting them in the best position you can for them to succeed. Before I continue it is important for you to know I provide impact and a huge amount of value to schools, see for yourself –

“Today your speech was absolutely amazing. I certainly got inspired by you today, which is helpful as most nights I think to my self that I will just do my revision another night and it will all be fine. But thinking back to what you said today made me think that I only have a limited amount of time and to actually do some work. I will try to do something every night as I planned before but never did. Your work is truly amazing”

“Your speech has hit me hard and had made me think of changing my life around. For the past 2 or 3 months I have not liked school and not cared about putting in any hard work but after assembly today you have changed my mind and I am going to try extra hard and put in 110% effort in my exams…thank you so much”

Or take 60 seconds out to watch the promo video below –

With that said you should now have a greater understanding of the value you will receive when signing up to my motivational service. If you want to find out more about the year 11 crunch time program then email me personally ASAP It’s crucial you act now; my schedule is rapidly filling up and I only have 15 slots available and 12 are already taken.

Year 11 Crunch Time Program - Cameron Parker

Year 11 Crunch Time Program

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