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Become the Hardest Worker in the Room – Last week I released a motivational video entitled ‘The Biggest Mistake in Revision’ and the response was incredible from both students and teachers. We are off to a great start, if you haven’t seen that video then click here -→  ‘Biggest Mistake In Revision’ Okay, so let’s get into this week; I want to flip it and hopefully shift a few mindsets. Therefore before I begin, everything I am going to discuss is in the video below, don’t forget to share it with your friends or if you are a teacher then please share it with your students: 

There we have it, ‘Become the hardest worker in the room!’ You need to take pride and motivation in becoming the hardest worker in the class, even the hardest work in your school, sounds crazy right? But listen carefully, working hard has nothing to do with intelligence or results – it’s down to effort.

As the majority of you know I have dyslexia and ADD and in University it would take me longer than anyone else to understand and process the information given to me. Do you think that I stopped trying? Of course not, I decided to pride myself on working harder than everyone else and that mentality has shaped who I am today.

So the message is this: if you learn to become the hardest worker in the room and continue that mentality throughout your life then you will achieve great things. But that also means you need to start NOW, not when you leave school – NOW! You want to become a person others look up to, others inspire to be, and others want to follow.

People will be looking around saying “I don’t know how they do it” because you are not talking about it, but you are showing them through action. Nobody in the world likes a person who talks the talk and can’t walk the walk, overly cliché line there but all I ask of you is to just try your best – you can do it!

So become the hardest worker in the room and please remember you can’t have excuses and results at the same time it’s one or the other. You choose, start NOW! For bookings: email me personally on and head over to my social media for daily motivation.

Become the Hardest Worker in the Room

Become the Hardest Worker in the Room

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