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Flying High at Concorde Museum – Motivational speaker Cameron Parker started 2018 off strong. He had the opportunity to inspire students and parents from Patchway Community College at the incredible Aerospace Museum in Filton Bristol. The event was an awards evening for the students, great way to start the New Year. Fortunately we invited Gagetline with us to film the event, the video is incredible, see below:

Cameron uploaded a picture of himself with the Concorde plane in the background and social media responded extremely well, therefore it was essential to release the video as soon as possible.

The Aerospace Museum was an incredible location to start the year off strong; it was an lovely environment to work in and the Concorde plane was the icing on the cake. Cameron has done many talks before but nothing like this, the people and the location made the event.

In the video Cameron discusses the notion of big dreams and ‘New Year Resolutions’, this is essential to progress, especially as setting goals are the fastest way to achievement. However to achieve a big dream, we will need to break it down into small achievable steps. This will make the process become more inspiring and easier to handle, instead of becoming overwhelmed because the goal is too large.

We want to take this opportunity to say thank you and congratulation to Patchway Community College on the successful event. Cameron has already been invited back to inspire the year 11s in February before their exams. However it won’t be at the Aerospace Museum’ the second event will be held at the school, and we are all looking forward to coming back.

If you are a teacher and looking for guaranteed impact and value in your school then contact us today, not tomorrow but today. Cameron’s schedule is rapidly filling up, and we would hate for your students to miss out. Therefore email or call 01454 299895.

Flying High at Concorde Museum

Flying High at Concorde Museum – Cameron Parker

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