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Schools Motivational Assemblies – Wiltshire – On Monday the 8th of January, schools motivational speaker Cameron Parker had the opportunity to go back and inspire the year 11 students at John Bentley School in Calne Wiltshire. To provide you with a brief overview; John Bentley School signed up to Cameron’s ‘Elite Year 11 Program’ in September 2017, this is the second consecutive year Cameron has inspired students from John Bentley School.

Head teacher Jason Tudor was extremely impressed with the impact and value Cameron delivers, therefore Cameron continues to work with the year 11’s. Cameron also spent time with a selected group of year 9 students; the aim is for Cameron to support and motivate these particular students to work harder, stay focused and to reach their potential.

Before we continue with this blog, please take a look at some of the messages Cameron received via social media on Monday:

Schools Motivational Assemblies“Thank you so much for coming in! It makes such a difference to many of us in year 11”

“I’m from John Bentley, I think your assembly this morning and the one last year was great, well done”

“Heya, I was one of the students today at John Bentley in your talk. I just wanted to say thank you because it has genuinely given me that push to actually want to put in the effort to do well! Both times you’ve come in now I’ve really felt like what you’ve said has helped me feel more confident and ready for school! So massive thanks”

The impact and value Cameron delivers in his motivational sessions are second to none, if you would like to see more then please take a couple of minutes to browse the website to see teacher testimonials and student messages.

Cameron is extremely passionate about his work, and this passion has taken Cameron up and down the UK. This week Cameron started in John Bentley School (Wiltshire), Fullhurst Community College on Tuesday (Leicester), University College Of Birmingham Wednesday, today Cameron was inspiring year 11 students from Somervale School and tomorrow Cameron will be heading back to Lincoln Priory City Academy.

Cameron’s diary is rapidly filling up with schools motivational assemblies and workshops, therefore if you would like to book Cameron in to deliver huge amount of value and impact to your students then email our office now at or call 01454 299895

Schools Motivational Assemblies – Wiltshire – Cameron Parker


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