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Congratulations you have just landed on the greatest motivational website of all time; okay slight over exaggeration, but in my honest and always correct opinion I do create some pretty cool content. Okay so without further ado, topic of today’s blog what motivates me? I get asked this question all the time. One thing that really gets me going and pumped up is….


I love music; I feel music can affect my mood. We have all been in a situation when we are feeling sad; we then play an uplifting song and within 30 seconds you are singing your head off smiling ear to ear…experienced this? No, okay but let’s continue anyways.

When surfing the web I see people making HUGE statements, such as music from a particular artists has helped change their lives. This is because they produce music that is relatable, has a deep meaning and they are in an influential position to have an impact on people.

One of my closest friends JrScience has used the art of making music as a way to turn his life around. Before he rapped about all sorts of unlawful things and now he raps about positivity and change. Don’t believe me check out the video below; great song and extremely motivational, plus you might recognise the voice at the beginning 😉

I told you it was a great song! Anyways one artist I enjoy listening to is J Cole, I feel 85% of what he talks about is similar to my story, I remember listening to him before he ‘made it BIG’. Now he is a rap icon in the music industry, I have witnessed his journey and how he achieved it.

Another artist I feel is incredibly talented and inspiring is Big Sean, this is one of my favourite songs this year… check it out

Okay people, that’s it for today. My bad if you were expecting some breakthrough information, today was just not the right day for it haha and of course I’m not going to share everything that motivates me in one blog, that would be silly, I want you to come back.

P.S. I love music, and I am a fantastic singer. Don’t believe me check out my music video here —–> Best Music Video In The World

Thank you for reading todays blog – What Motivates Me? #BelieveTheDream

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