You are ready to deliver the best presentation of your life, nervous, sweating and rehearsing the words in your head. You step on stage and you CHOKE, forgetting everything you have prepared.

Sounds familiar? Is this a fear of yours? First things first watch my new video below called the Fear Of Public Speaking.

The reason I made this video is because I receive messages like this all the time: “Cameron I hate standing in front of people; I have a fear of public speaking and I can’t overcome it, but I have a presentation coming up, what shall I do?” I receive similar questions to this all the time and the fear of public speaking seems to be a common fear. I read “What are you scared of? Britain’s top 10 worst fears revealed” from GoodtoKnow and the fear of public speaking is ranked the highest.

In the video I share with you my story and how I overcame the fear of public speaking. It is extremely difficult to be an affective speaker but it can be done, I am a prime example of that.

From having around 10 – 20 words in my vocabulary at the age of 17, to then mumbling my way though health and safety presentations in a job, to eventually become the best schools speaker in the UK, Inspiring 10s of thousands of students each year.

The best thing is, I am still very young in my industry and have lots more experience and knowledge to gain. With time and hard work I know my ability as a speaker and the content I deliver will improve. I’m not finished by a long shot and I’m hungrier than ever.

If you want to develop your public speaking ability, your stage presents or even a way to dominate a presentation in your school, college or business then shoot me an email at I will be offering 30 minute Skype consultations on this subject specific to help your needs.

P.S. I have an extremely busy schedule and have very limited space, so if you are serious book in with me now.

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