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We have some new motivational content coming people; last week I visited Life medias studio, we filmed 3 new motivational videos. The style of the motivational videos are different to what you usually see from me, the majority of the videos we shoot are from live events I speak at.

However, this time I’m talking directly to the camera with some new ideas and motivation; I honestly can’t wait to see the finished product. Here is a small breakdown of the content I will be sharing in the motivational videos –School speaker and motivational speaker Cameron Parker ready to inspire through the camera with life media

Video 1 – I receive questions based on the fear of public speaking all the time. So the first motivational video is called ‘Fear of Public Speaking’ creative right? I share with you my story, how I started speaking, the progression I have made and of course the steps I have taken to overcome the fear of public speaking, becoming one of the top school speakers in the UK.

Video 2 – I called the second motivational video ‘Only Fly With Eagles’, this means situating yourself around positive people, with a similar mindset to you and people who will push you to the next level. I have experienced hanging around with the wrong people; there are serious consequences to this, which is why it is crucial you surround yourself with eagles.

Video 3 – Me and my brother Marcus Duharty are creating a new motivational and fitness package for my motivational lifestyle brand Hungry.Under.Dogs. Therefore the video was just a small clip of me telling people to sign up NOW, I will soon be revealing when all that work is finally complete.

Just a little update on what I have coming; of course we still have blogs and other motivational videos on the way, but if you are serious about change it is crucial you keep checking my website ——> for the latest.

Stay hungry, stay humble and remember only the hungriest SUCCEED.

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