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Walk it Talk it – Welcome back to the best motivational website in the UK. Today we are releasing our second ever motivational Vlog! If you didn’t check out last week’s Vlog, go and do that now, you will see me inspiring at the TEDx event in Geneva Switzerland. Before we get into the written aspect of this post, check out the ‘walk it, talk it – motivational vlog’ below: 

There you have it, a wide range of content for you from my professional and personal life. As you’ll see in the video, I had the opportunity to inspire at Hardenhuish School in Chippenham, Wiltshire. The motivational session was delivered to Year 11s; it touched on exam pressure, revision and, of course, motivational levels leading into the exams.

The main topic I discussed in the video was based around keeping your word. Obviously we used the song ‘Walk It, Talk It’ from Migos as the driver for this motivational vlog, however there is a lot more to it than that. We have a saying in my other business Build&Blast90: “do what you said you was going to do.”

Sounds simple but it is so important. What tends to happen is people like to talk a good game, saying they want to do this, or achieve that, but in reality they are not walking what they are talking. This has nothing to do with skill or talent, this comes down to effort and effort doesn’t cost a penny.

So to conclude this motivational Vlog; all I am saying is this: try your absolute best to keep your word moving forward! Do what you said you was going to do and stay consistent and if you manage to execute all of these different elements then you will have a better chance of achieving success.

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Walk it Talk it

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