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Exam Season is Here – It’s no secret; this time of year is extremely stressful for year 11s, teachers and parents. Unless you have been living under a rock, you are fully aware the exam season is here. In my motivational assemblies and workshops; I do a huge amount of motivational work around exams, ensuring the students have the right tools to support them on their exam journey. Before I continue, this is a recent message I received from a year 11 student on Instagram:

“Thank you for the motivation! It makes me feel like I can face my GCSE’s face on in 3 weeks time with my first one this Thursday”

There are two elements I focus on when I deliver my motivational services, that is impact and value. Impact is essential, this will get the students switched on and ready to engage, not only in my motivational sessions but also in their studies. Value is crucial; depending on how you decide to look at it, however for me, value is all about providing the students with the right tools to succeed.

The most common way I achieve impact and value is through my motivational speeches, as you are already aware. However next in line is social media; I am consistently putting out content that will help students, not only in exams but also in their lives. Therefore the message you see above is from a student I spoke to months ago, however the content I have posted, has supported her in keeping her motivational levels up, resulting in the right mindset leading into exams. That is my goal, and on this occasion it is great to see students are benefiting from my motivational work.

There you have it; the exam season is here, if you are looking for consistent motivation then head over to my social media now and get inspired. For all bookings email me personally on

Exam Season is Here - Motivational Speaker

Exam Season is Here

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