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Exam Tips – Welcome back to one of the top motivational websites in the UK; I have released 12 videos to support you in your exams and your daily life, because, as we know, GCSE’s can be an extremely stressful. To save you time, I have decided to put all 12-exam videos on this one page. I am unbelievably generous – I know – but all jokes aside before we get into the videos, be sure to follow me on social media to get inspired on a daily basis. Okay it’s time, let’s get into this:

Exam Tips #1 – The Biggest Mistake in Revision

There you have it; don’t be one of these students who simply prepares too late, this was the first video I released this year so if you are reading this now in April then my advice would literally be: START right this second, it’s an emergency – come on.

Exam Tips #2 – Become the Hardest Worker in the Room

Time to shift your mentality; take pride in becoming the hardest worker in the room and when you receive your results in August you can honestly say you tried your best.

Exam Tips #3 – No Shortcuts

This is simple and you have probably already discovered this for yourself. It doesn’t matter whether it is for your GCSE’s or success in general, there is simply no shortcut to achieve anything worth having. You have to put in the time, it is essential, especially if you want the results you deserve.

Exam Tips #4 – Revision Books Don’t Work

Well they do; I had to think of a captivating title right? My point is this; revision books are not the only way to revise, if you are getting bored of the conventional routes of revision. Watch videos; listen to audio, change your environment, the list goes on. This is closely linked to the next video.

Exam Tips #5 – I HATE revising at Home

The majority of us hate working at home because there are too many distractions. Home is normally a place to relax for us. Therefore if you have struggled to adapt to this then try your best to change up your environment to somewhere that can help you get in the right mindset.

Exam Tips #6 – Why are you Revising?

Serious question really, especially as things are starting to get serious now. If you are struggling, I need you to dig deep and understand why you want to be successful, why you want to do well. The more reasons and the deeper your ‘whys’ are, the better chance of you displaying large amounts of determination through challenging times.

Exam Tips #7 – Still do the things you LOVE

It is no secret this is a stressful time, however it is essential you still find time to do the things you want. Having fun and relaxing will support you in getting your mind right for the exam season.

Exam Tips #8 – Successful Body Clock

It’s time to re-train your body clock before the exam season. Get into a good evening and morning routine and make sure you get a good amount of rest/recovery.

Exam Tips #9 – Forget Mocks

Mocks are a thing of the past for you now; forget them, they are no longer relevant. All you should focus on is your next couple of months, making sure you are putting in enough time for revision.

Exam Tips #10 – 3 Exam Keys

If you master these 3 things before you enter exam season then you will be absolutely fine, trust me on that. Your physical well-being will play a massive part in your mental well-being, especially in such a stressful time.

Exam Tips #11 – Practice Exam Papers

You want to prepare yourself the best way you can before entering the exam season. I fully believe in practicing at the same intensity you play at. So create this environment and practice as many exam papers or questions as you can. Then you can re-evaluate and go again.

Exam Tips #12 – Recap

That is it, my friend. Watch these videos, 99% of the messages I share still apply now only 3 weeks away from your first exam. I just want you to remember that anything is possible, you can achieve great things but it starts with YOU. Believe you can achieve, put in the hard work and I know you can make it happen.

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Exam Tips - Cameron Parker

12 Exam Tips 

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