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Motivational Speech Wales – Welcome back to my motivational blog; however this post is a quick news article, so you can continue to see the impact of my motivational services in Schools across the UK. On Tuesday I had the opportunity to run a motivational speech to year 11 students at Bryntirion Comprehensive School in Bridgend, Wales.

I loved every minute of the motivational talk; however before I continue, please check out some of the student messages I received below via social media:

“Thank you. It made us all remember what is important and it really inspired me to keep motivated.”

“Thank you for coming to Bryntirion Comp today, it was an amazing talk, I now feel very motivated to revise for my exams that start next week”

“I thought it was an amazing talk and I learnt a lot from it!! Thank you!”

“Hi Cameron, I’m from Bryntirion Comprehensive school, the talk was really interesting and inspiring. Also the first talk that I’ve actually enjoyed. Apprciate you coming in.”

“It was so inspirational, thank you”

The key message I received was this one:

“I feel more confident about my exams now than I did before”

You are probably thinking why? Exams are only around the corner; exam pressure and stresses are very high in year 11, therefore knowing that my motivational speeches can support students this close to their exams then that is an incredible thing.

I have many more year 11 motivational speeches to fit in before the exams; I’m very excited to deliver these sessions, and I can’t wait to see the motivational impact after the exams are completed.

My diary is rapidly filling up; my focus is to always deliver as much impact and value as I can, therefore if you would like to book me in for a motivational speech in your school, motivational workshop or a motivational package may interest you. Then email me personally on

Motivational Speech Wales

Motivational Speech Wales

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