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Since the last time we spoke I have been extremely busy inspiring at: Corsham School, Downend School, Outwood Academy Adwick, Millbrook Academy, Severn Vale School, Winterbourne International Academy, Wiltshire Youth Summit, Forest High School, Raising Aspirations South Bristol event and Devizes School.

UK Schools Motivational Speaker
Time to get straight into it with the student messages I have received over the last 30 days, I haven’t added them all but you can see some of the screen shots too:
Elite Motivator - Results
“I would like you to know how powerful your message was, recently I’ve been giving up at school, not concentrating and not behaving as well as I could but now after your speech I am like you said going to be putting in 110% in all my subjects and thank you so much for sharing your story and inspiring me, making me think just how important GCSE’S really are. You have really inspired me and raised my aspirations, you will be my inspirations throughout my exams”

UK Schools Motivational Speaker ‘Thank you for visiting our school today! It’s really inspired me to put 110% effort into everything and work my hardest 🙂 so thank you!”

“Yo man, you changed my mind today man I don’t know why or how, it’s the way you talk, I really don’t know but keep up with it, I hElite Motivator Cameron Parkerope you go to other countries as well, you will change the world, keep going”

“I hope you get lots of messages like this Cameron because you deserve it. You really have made a mark on me and I can’t realistically show my appreciation enough. You are so inspiring and I feel so honoured to have such an incredible person come and speak in my school”

“Thank you so much for today really made me think more about my exams and to try UK Schools Motivational Speaker - Cameron Parkerharder”

“Your talk was so inspiring today! I really enjoyed it!”

“Really enjoyed your speech today it definitely changed my perspective on a lot of things”
Cameron Parker - Motivational Speaker
“So so inspirational and motivating. Being someone who has ADD and other things myself, the presentation that was given a couple of weeks ago was probably the most motivating presentations I’ve had at school. It actually really helped me because at the moment I don’t really have a lot of friends or self confidence and it helped me to know that other people’s opinions of me don’t matter and I shouldn’t let things get me down and demotivate me. I followed your advice and it has definitely helped me to know what I need to do and to focus on that, thank you so much”


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UK Schools Motivational Speaker

UK Schools Motivational Speaker

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