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The discussion of dreaming BIG and the importance of opportunities were paramount for the ‘Raising Aspirations Event’ in Bristol. Raising aspirations is crucial not just for the younger generation but also for adults. Before I continue, you need to watch my new motivational video below:

Here’s just a snippet of student feedback from the hundreds of students that attended from all around Bristol:

“Hi Cameron I was at UWE today for the raising aspirations event, I’m from Bristol Cathedral School and I’d just like you to know how powerful your message was. Recently I’ve been giving up at school, not concentrating and not behaving as well as I could. But now, after your sCameron Parker Motivational Speaker - UKpeech, I am going to be putting in 110% in all my subjects; thank you so much for sharing your story; inspiring me and making me aware of how important GCSE’S really are. You have really inspired me and raised my aspirations. Cameron Parker will now be my inspiration throughout my exams and for that I thank you so much”

I will always promote the idea of dreaming big; I believe it is essential; it gets people excited and gives them something to live for.

The majority of people tend to do the opposite: they dream small, they ooze apathy and they’re going through the motions of life on a daily basis.

Playing it safe will not result in fulfillment.

When growth and progress isn’t a part of a human life, the result will often be unhappiness. I just think it’s important to go after the things you desire. The journey to your goal is an incredible thing and it isn’t really down to whether we achieve it or not – it’s the trying. I would rather try and fail than not try at all, living a life of regret and ‘what ifs’… that just isn’t me and it’s most likely not you!

Anyway, I could write a whole book on this topic and I will touch more on it very soon. But for now, if you want to receive a lasting impact in your motivational levels or create aspirational and hard-working students in your school then email me immediately – my diary is rapidly filling up!

cam@cameron-parker.comDream Big And Opportunity - Motivational Video

Dream Big And Opportunity – Motivational Video  

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