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It’s time for something a little different; below is a small motivational documentary of when I was the guest speaker at the GROW Gloucestershire event at Cheltenham Racecourse. Before I continue with the messages I received from my motivational services last week, here is the video:

Thank you for watching the video. Last week I ran a motivational workshop at Hardenhuish School, apart of my year 11 program. Plus I Inspired:

Yate International Academy Sixth Form,

Marlwood School year 11s, 9s and 8s,

Somervales School Year 11s,

Oldfield School Year 10s, 9s, 8s & 7s,

I received over 150 messages from students last week; some of the messages are below, guaranteed impact & value:Motivational Speaking Video At Cheltenham Racecourse & School Feedback

“Hi Cam I really enjoyed your visit to Somervale earlier in the week your talk was really inspirational! I have been bullied from year 4 – end of year 7 and had tough times to deal with but you made me feel better and I know what I need to do to stay focused”

“Thanks for talking to us at Marlwood today, it really made me think about school work and trying harder to reach goals”

“Hi I’m from Oldfield in year 8 and I also thought your power point was really inspiring to young teenagers”


“You are a legend and I say that because you inspired me to just keep going when it gets tough, I used to get bullied and got told I would never get anywhere with dyslexia as it holds me back so much, I struggle bottom set in everything but you have really helped me to keep going on things I want to do like PE to be in the army and be a rugby player and just try in the subjects I might not be that good at, I really mean that, thank you loads mate”

“Just wanted to say thank you, to be honest you were the first person who motivated me to do good now in school and I want to thank you so much”

“Hi I would just like to say thank you so much for the speech at Oldfield school today, you are amazing and I respect you, keep up the good work”

“Hey I was in your Marlwood talk today and it was amazing thank you for coming to us you really inspired me so thank you”

Elite Motivator - Cameron Parker“I was one of the children you spoke to today; you really inspired me. It made me think differently about my behavior towards my education”

“Thank you and ye I got really annoyed when the bell went because all the other ‘PSHE Days’ have been awful and I’ve benefited nothing but when you came in was completely different. But glad I chosen to do the Q and A with you afterwards”

“Loved the talk you gave today at Oldfield School to the year 7’s at first period. It really motivated me to do better at school to achieve my goals”

“Great speech today! It really inspired me to push on in life! Thank you and I wish you the best of luck”

“Sound talk by the way man, opened my eyes about more to the implications education can have on you later in life”

“Thank you for the talk today! Unlucky fire alarm went off. But was really good and made me think.”

“Thanks for your message at Marlwood, it was great and I will make a difference every day”

“Hey I was in your talk at Oldfield School, me and my friends all loved it and it was really inspirational”

“I just want to say thank you for your talk yesterday, it gave me faith and hope”


Motivational Speaking Video At Cheltenham Racecourse


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