Only Fly With Eagles is a phrase I always use; it’s something that immediately catches people’s attention. This whole philosophy changed my life and put me on the path I walk today: focused, positive and motivated to inspire as many individuals as I can, not just in the UK but all around the world. Before I continue, watch the video below where I explain the ‘Only Fly With Eagles’ philosophy in more detail:

The motivational video was from my most recent radio interview with a Bristol radio station (BCFM). I will be releasing many motivational clips over the next couple of months, so stayed tuned.

‘Only Fly With Eagles.’ In short, this means situating yourself around positive people who have goals, dreams and vision. When you are around people like that they will naturally support and push you to achieve your goals and dreams.

The majority of the time this isn’t through deliberate action. This is normally achieved subconsciously as just being around great people can motivate you to do more.

For a period of my life I wasn’t following this philosophy, to be fair, I wasn’t even aware of how powerful the influence of social groups could be. When I was involved with the wrong people, partaking in things that were not right, I was influenced, I mean heavily influenced, but we all were.

No one in that friendship group – at that time – had goals or dreams; we didn’t realize the potential and opportunity that was out there and we were limiting ourselves through our own self-belief, or even, lack of self-belief.

Therefore there is no secret that a huge part of my transition from ‘bad’ to ‘good,’ ‘boy’ to ‘man’ or however you would like to label it, was the difference of the people I was hanging around with.

With that said, if you want to be successful situate yourself around people who push and inspire you to become better.

’Only Fly With Eagles,’ my friend.

Only Fly With Eagles - Motivational Speaker

Only Fly With Eagles

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