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Tricia Taylor РAuthor of Connect of the Dots РTestimonial  РHey all, Cameron here. I want to keep this blog short and simple. I had the opportunity to work with Tricia Taylor the week before the UK went into lockdown.

She asked me to run a motivational speech to a year 11 group. As the majority of you are aware, I rarely run motivational speeches now, as I am focused on running the ‘Power Programs’ in schools. Coaching students to get to the next level, and delivering huge impact and value.

However, I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to work with Tricia. Her work is incredible, and she truly understands how to get the best out of teachers and students. I first met her at the ‘Leadership Matters Annual Conference‘, and we are both ambassadors of ‘Leadership Matters‘.

The day was focused on – ‘Training for Year 11 on the Science of Learning’. My job was to come in an deliver a talk to get the students ready for the day ahead.

It was a huge success and this is a testimonial from Trica:

“The energy of Cameron’s delivery and the rhythm of his words are powerful. I partnered with Cameron to deliver a whole day’s training for Year 11 on the science of learning. I wanted something (or someone) to start the day off with a message that would not only motivate students, but also show them we understood their struggle and cared. Cameron’s messaging was perfect and authentic. Great feedback from students!”

It was amazing to see this response. Unfortunately, Year 11 didn’t sit their exams. However, I am confident with what they learned on this special day will help them moving forward. We are not just providing content that will help in schools, but we are providing the tools and strategies to help in life.

There you have it. I told you I was going to keep this short and sharp. I was just super excited to get a testimonial from Tricia Taylor, who is very well respected in the educational game. Before I go:

To sign your year 11 up to the ‘Power Program’, visit –>

If you are a Teenager who needs and wants 24/7 motivation and coaching, visit –>

For daily motivation head over to our social media and for any enquires email

Until then, remember you can have excuses or results but you can’t have both.


Tricia Taylor - Author of Connect of the Dots - Testimonial

Tricia Taylor – Author of Connect of the Dots – Testimonial


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