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Time Moves and You Need to Move With It – Contradictory views surround time. In one breath you hear “I have plenty of time to achieve this”, then in the second breath you hear “Is it that time of year already? Time flies” or “I can’t believe exams are here in 2 weeks”.

This isn’t an academic-based blog with a huge amount of research. I mean how could it be, right?

Time is subjective, and different situations and experiences produce a different perspective. However, in this blog I am going to dive into the concept of time and how we can get a handle on utilising our own time.

Before we start the blog it’s important to note this idea of this post came after I released the video below. This video is one of 150+ videos from the ‘Dreams 2 Reality Academy.’ The Academy is an online platform for teenagers, that provide tools, strategies, and motivation to take their lives to the next level. More here –>



This video was filmed before Coronavirus happened but there are still important messages in the video. I will break this down now.

So, what is time? Have you ever taken a moment to consider this question and come up with your own definition? You are probably thinking, “really Cameron?” Okay I get it, here is my time definition anyway:

“Continued progression in every moment that is measured. Time allows us to schedule and control our lives including keeping recorded information of our memories which have or are going to occur.”

I actually wrote that definition when I was in University 5 years ago and I still believe it is relevant, even though I maybe overcomplicating it.

Yes, we can create a state of flow, when it feels like time freezes which is amazing. However, the truth of matter is, time doesn’t stop for anyone. That is why I always talk about the idea of progress over perfection.

Perfection = Procrastination

How many of us are waiting for the perfect time to start?

“I will start on Monday”

“I can only start when I have the right equipment”

“It only makes sense to start working hard when we come back from holidays”

The list can go on.

Another form of procrastination is living in the past or the future. This is a problem I occasionally have. I’m so focused on the future that I often forget about the most important time, the present. This whole idea of visualisation will not work, unless you do.

It’s great that I have a dream of inspiring thousands and thousands of teenagers across the world, but if I don’t do the stuff behind the scenes to make it happen then what is the point? This dream will not become a reality, if I don’t focus on progress and move with the time.

I love this Chinese Proverb:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

We don’t know exactly when opportunities are coming, but we do know preparation is extremely important to reach any type of success.

 Prepare now, work on your character now.

If we wait until we have an opportunity, then our lack of preparation will show, and it is too late. The key here and the message I am trying to get out is just do something. Doesn’t matter how big or small, just do it, and that action will result in progress.

Easier said than done right, you are probably thinking:

“Sounds great Cameron, but HOW can I do it?”

This is a huge question; I don’t want to overcomplicate the message from today so I will dive into more detail on another blog or video. In simple terms, the ‘HOW’ is important, the ‘HOW’ is the work that is required to achieve a particular dream or outcome.

The way I adapted to the quick pace of time and stresses of life is by planning and setting goals on a daily basis. I will plan my week ahead every Sunday and re-evaluate the plan the night before entering every day. Planning allows me to focus on the important things including finding time to exercise, fuel my body, and most importantly, rest.

If you don’t stick to your plan or goals, it’s not the end of the world. Things come up all the time, think about how many people had goals for 2020 then Coronavirus arrived. If things don’t go our way, then good, we will learn and have to adapt. Most of the time learning doesn’t come from winning, it come from setbacks, failure and loss. Only if you are willing to get back up and go again, here is why:

We can start again in any moment, that is the beauty of time.

When you don’t have a plan or goals, then it is easy to get lost, feel anxious and overwhelmed. That is when minutes turn into hours, hours into days and days into weeks, progress is zero and you are forever on this cycle. The longer we are on this train the harder it is to snap out of it.

I have to admit; it would be amazing if there were a machine, which could allow us to slow down time. The reality is there isn’t. Therefore, we have to work with what we have got.

There is a great quote from Benjamin Hoff:

“You can’t save time, you can only spend it”.

So, how are you going to spend your time? Start by planning and scheduling your days. Keep dreaming big but don’t forget to enjoy now. Bring focus into your life, embrace the dark times and work towards becoming the best you.

Sounds clichéd but it’s true. Time moves, you need to move with it.

Time Moves and You Need to Move With It

Cameron Parker

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