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Does your teenager say things like this to you? – I know when I’ve been in schools delivering to thousands of teenagers they say it to me…

“I can’t do it”

“Don’t know how to do it”

“Why can’t I get it right”

I’m sure you’re nodding your head right now and if you’re anything like the parents I know, you struggle to answer them. I totally get it, especially as we have probably said similar things to ourselves before.

How we can overcome this, what can we do and what can we say? It is a difficult one, however, this 1 word can have a HUGE impact on your teenager.

The next time they say, “I can’t do it,” you respond by saying YET. Yes YET. Those three letters will result in huge impact.

I explain it better in this video here:

Using the word YET will open up their thinking and it will force them to think bigger. At that moment when they say to you, “I can’t do it,” they are essentially coming to you with a fixed mindset.

Having a fixed mindset can have a huge negative effect, especially as GCSEs are rapidly approaching and some teenagers have important decisions to make that will impact their future.

We want them to go into the next couple of years with a growth mindset, thinking clearly so they can create clarity and confidence.  It all sounds easy, I totally get it, but the big lesson here is all around the language we use.

The language we use can and will direct us. Therefore, if we can start using positive language within our household. The chances are the words you share with your teenager will start to sink in overtime.

For now, just start by adding the word YET.

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Does your teenager say things like this to you?


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