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Motivational Tip for Teenagers – Quick disclaimer: Most blogs are checked for mistakes by my editor because I am heavily dyslexic. However, I needed to get this message out ASAP, so if you see mistakes, please don’t judge me haha I’m trying my best. Let’s get to it…

We are all searching for answers and trying to gain clarity in these uncertain times.

There is no doubt the challenges and obstacles we have faced in 2020 have been new for everyone. It is easy to point the finger and pass blame, but the truth is it doesn’t matter who you are. Teacher, parent, or student, we are all trying to adapt to this new environment.

I have been in lockdown since the middle of March. I have learned a huge amount, increasing my knowledge, experience, and coaching ability. Firstly, this has been achieved by investing a huge amount of time into my personal growth. Secondly, I have run webinars for thousands of teenagers and parents around the UK, four times a week.

This has forced me to step up, innovate, and find new ways to engage my audience. With that said I have had hundreds of conversations with teenagers who are struggling.

Some teenagers have not used this time effectively, they have avoided schoolwork and they know deep down they are falling behind. I have also coached many teenagers who are working too hard and they are stressed.

It doesn’t matter where you are on that continuum, this motivation video is for you:

There you have it; “it is easier to maintain than it is to regain”. We need to understand what’s comfortable early becomes uncomfortable later.

We need to stop avoiding the work that MUST get done and maintain a certain level of knowledge, work ethic, and focus. If we don’t, when we finally get back to school and back into a normal routine we will struggle.

It will be difficult for everyone involved, even if you have been working hard over the last 6 months. However, it will be extremely challenging if you are trying to get back to normal and you are also playing catch up.

It will feel like an impossible task. The workload will increase, and this will cause even more stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Sounds terrifying, and yes, some people will probably play it off like they don’t care. I get it, I pretended I didn’t care about school too. However, the good news is we can still do something about it.

I don’t care if you haven’t done anything for the last couple of months, I mean I would prefer you did but If you haven’t don’t panic. We still have time to get a handle on things so we can start making progress.

We need to remember “It is easier to maintain than it is to regain”. Take this approach moving forward and begin by taking the first step.

The first step could be reaching out to your teachers or check the school website for guidance. Most importantly you need to create a plan and a schedule, start with that.

If you need help in creating a plan then please let me know and contact me through Instagram or Twitter @CamParkerD2R or email and I can help.

Finally, if you are not aware; last week we released the Dreams 2 Reality Academy here –>

If you are a teenager, or you have children who are teenagers then it is a MUST they sign up and join the Dreams 2 Reality family. It will take their life to the next level, providing members with tools, strategies, and motivation to succeed in this new world.

So once again, hit the link, check it out and sign up.

Until then, please remember: You can have excuses, or you can have results, but you can’t have both.

Motivational Tip for Teenagers

Motivational Tip for Teenagers

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