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Here to Serve Education – Lockdown caused a huge amount of uncertainty in the world. Especially in education, as no one had the answers. I mean how could they? This has never happened before, therefore it was and still is new for everyone. I lost 100% of my bookings moving forward, it was tough but I truly believe:

“A Setback is an opportunity for a Comeback”

‪That is why we built the ‘Online Power Program’. To be honest, I have never delivered through a webinar in my life. This caused some anxiety for me. You are probably thinking, “How? You talk to people all the time, surely that is harder?”. I guess but sometimes the negative thoughts and self-doubt can creep in.
However, we continued and put together a world-class program for teenagers.  We have received 100s of messages from teenagers since lockdown has started. We have spent 40+ hours on webinars answering questions from teenagers, parents, and teachers.
So there is no doubt this whole situation has required us to step up. Growth can be painful but it’s worth it, we have to learn to step outside of our comfort zones from time to time.
So I have a question for you: What can you do today to step outside your comfort zone?
Off the back of the ‘Online Power Program‘, we have created the ‘Dreams 2 Reality Academy‘. There is:
  • 100+ Professional Videos
  • World Class Planner
  • App on Phone
  • Daily Motivation
  • Daily Accountability
  • 24 Hour Coaching
  • A community of like-minded people!

This is for teenagers. As the title states ‘Here to Serve Education’ and we are trying to achieve this in multiple ways and the Academy is a new way for us to deliver impact and value, 24 hours a day.

If you want to know more then please don’t hesitate to email me and I will be in touch very soon.

Until then, work hard and be kind.

Here to Serve Education

Here to Serve Education

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