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I repeat “Commitment is an ACT.”

Before you proceed, I highly recommend checking out the video below to help explain this topic better:

The majority of the work I deliver in schools is workshop based, a part of the ‘Power Program. In the program, we coach students to fulfill their potential and we provide them with the tools and strategies to succeed in life.

At the end of our sessions, we get the students to set 3 new commitments from now until the next time I come back into the school, the time period is normally around 3 weeks. At the start of the program, you see students put down commitments such as:

  • Work hard
  • Revise more
  • Improve behaviour
  • Turn up on time
  • Help parents

What’s wrong with the commitments above?

They aren’t specific.

It’s not constructive to simply say “Work Hard.” Those words won’t help anyone as they don’t provide any direction or clarity.

To create direction and clarity, the commitment must have the ‘How’ attached to it. The ‘How’ is essentially the process of what will take you from point A to point B.

For Example:

Commitment – Work Hard

How –

  1. 2 After school revision clubs a week
  2. Don’t sit next to my friends in class and begin to take notes
  3. 30 minutes a night, going over my notes from that day

Creating this process brings commitments to life. You can start to see it and feel it. It provides you with a plan and this will give you something to put your attention on, creating direction and clarity.

Finally, we are now in a position to take the first step. Once this step has been taken, your commitments will transform from just something you said to an actual act.

The more steps we take and acts we perform the better chance we have at achieving our specific goals. It all starts by setting 3 commitments, they are now yours, own them and get to work.

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Commitment is an ACT - Motivation for TeenagersCommitment is an ACT – Motivation for Teenagers

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