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TEDx Reject – Motivational Speech – Welcome back to my motivational website; if you haven’t watched some of my most recent videos then I fully recommend you do that now. I have been bombarded with messages since TEDx released my talk; it currently has over 3,500 views, so if you haven’t seen it yet then check it out. However before having the opportunity to do a TEDx talk at British School of Geneva, I was actually a ‘TEDx Reject’, you are probably thinking “why?” Watch my new motivational video below first:

There you have it; this video was filmed at Swindon Academy in front of the Year 9s, 10s and 11s. The truth is Bristol TEDx did reject me; I don’t take it personally, I just see it as motivation to keep pushing forward.

In life we will all experience people telling us ‘no’; we will experience set backs and we will feel like rejects from time to time. But this clichéd line is true; “it is not what happens to us that defines us, it is what we decide to do about it”, something like that anyway!

I knew deep down and I truly believed that my time on a TEDx stage would come if I kept pushing forward, eventually my hard work would pay off.  Then, out of nowhere, I was inspiring a group of students at Cambridge University and a young lady was currently in the process of creating a TEDx event in Geneva…

The invite came and we made it happen; what an experience it was; I truly loved every minute of it and I am grateful for the opportunity. The reason why I do what I do is to show others that it is possible; you can achieve your goals regardless of the setbacks you encounter. You will get there.

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TEDx Reject - Motivational Speech

TEDx Reject – Motivational Speech

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