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Lasting Impact – Teachers Feedback – Lasting impact is absolutely crucial when it comes to delivering motivational sessions in schools across the UK. Our aim is to not just turn up and get everyone excited, our goal is to try and change lives and over the last 3 years I fully believe Cameron has achieved that. However you don’t need to take our word for it; we have thousands of student messages and teacher testimonials, including this new video testimonial from Abbigael Bainton, a teacher at Bristol Metropolitan Academy

There you have it; Cameron has been a regular motivational speaker at Bristol Metropolitan Academy over the last 5 years, not only delivering motivational assemblies but also motivational workshops across all year groups, 7 to 11.

Therefore it is apparent what Cameron delivers in schools is successful and it connects with the students he is working with. However we refuse to become complacent in what we do; the world is moving rapidly and it is essential we stay on top of our game to ensure the impact and value is still there.

For example, social media; this is an avenue Cameron utilises, consistently delivering content for the people who choose to follow Cameron, and the student response and feedback has been second to none. That is why we continue to push this specific form of communication, especially as the majority of people are on these platforms.

We digress a little; however the communication, the commitment is there from Cameron and his team, and our goals is to inspire as many individuals as we possibly can.

Therefore if you are looking for guaranteed impact and value in your school then please email us on and we will can get the ball rolling. Please be aware that Cameron’s schedule is rapidly filling up; we will try our best to fit your school in to ensure your students don’t miss out. Once again please email NOW!

Lasting Impact - Teachers Feedback

Lasting Impact – Teachers Feedback

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