GCSE Results Student Messages – In our previous blog you witnessed a teacher testimonial; in the video the teacher discussed the lasting impact that Cameron delivers in his motivational sessions. That is great and amazing to see; however Cameron created his motivational service to benefit the students, and it is always a massive plus to receive positive messages from them.

Therefore over the summer; when students received their grades, Cameron was bombarded with student messages, thanking him for his motivational work, here are some of the messages:

” Thank you for everything in your speech when you came to Rawlins, you really helped me clear my head and prioritise my goals in life and feel I have benefitted greatly from your speech as it had a huge impact on home life and school life making me become much more motivated. thank you so much cameron #DreamsToReality ”

“I just want to thank you!! I ended up getting my GCSE results and considering my uncle sadly passed while I was taking them and I missed one with your  support I got the grades to get me into travel and tourism at college! so thank you xx ”

“I just wanted to let you know that I passed all of my GCSE’s mostly because you motivated me to revise ”

“Thank you for helping me achieve the grades I needed for my GCSE results. I have now got on the course I wanted so thank you for your motivation and tips on how to revise. thank you ”

“With all of your revision tips it encouraged me to do so much more when it came up to GCSE time. Your words really inspired me and I thought to revise prior to my exams, I am so glad that I took your advice as at the end of it I came out with 7 GCSE’s 1 B and 6 C’. I just wanted to thank you for everything that you did prior to GCSE season it really did help. ”

“Yo man I just want to thank you so much for inspiring me to get revision done and helping me get the grades i needed so thank you so much. ”

“From you came to our school Haven High that time and made the wonderful speech it has really helped me to not give up in life and to keep pushing myself and to achieved today from all your social media and your inspirational words it has allowed me to get into the army and do what I want to do and travel the world and thats all thanks to you. thank you man. ”

There you have it; if you would like to book Cameron, email us at admin@cameron-parker.com and we will be in touch shortly. Until then, keep up the amazing work!

GCSE Results Student Messages

GCSE Results Student Messages

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