Teachers Viewpoint Swindon – Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to inspire year 9 and 10 students at Lawn Manor Academy in Swindon. Here are some messages I received –

Teachers viewpoint: Cameron shared his story with great energy and passion. He has real presence and spoke in a way students could relate too with lots of interaction. His message was clear (Grab all opportunities and have no “what if’s”). I have no doubt that he has inspired and motivated a number of our students including me. A brilliant session.

Year 10 students: “In my opinion I believe that the speech that I attended was very inspirational, it showed me key factors and my viewpoints changed on somethings too. For example, it changed my perception on how to steer my life to how I want it to be and to reach my goals, no matter what my choices are in life. Even if my past decisions were poorly made, I could still make a difference to impact my future better, step by step even if it takes a longer period of time. I appreciated the fact that Cameron Parker shared his life story with me and how he turned it round as an example which made the presentation much more interesting from my point of view. Overall I would say that it was a very informative talk and eye opening to me in many of ways and it can hopefully change my mind set and work performance in school and in life”.

Year 9: Student A: “It’s never too late to change your life around for the better”

Student B: “Never give up”

Finally, from a student’s point of view: “If you want to do something do it!”

Teachers viewpoint: He was a big hit with our students as he has relatable stories which are fun and insightful activities he looks at ways to manage their time better, focusing on what they need to achieve and how not to give up have been the themes of his sessions within his workshops.

Social media messages I received:

“Hi mate, I’m from your lesson today and I would like to say great speech you had done in assembly and the last lesson of the day”

“Your talk has inspired me to focus more on school, thanks man”

There you have it; if you would like to see guaranteed impact and value in your school then email me personally on cam@cameron-parker.com and I will be in touch soon.

Teachers Viewpoint Swindon

Teachers Viewpoint Swindon

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