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TEDx British School of Geneva Cameron Parker – It is finally here guys; my TEDx motivational talk ‘Big Dreams’ has officially been released. The response has been crazy and it has over 2,000 views already; however before I bombard you with the feedback, check it out below:

Overall I am very happy with how it went; I wanted to start the talk stronger, but I did get into the flow after a couple of minutes, however I do not have any regrets as I tried my best. Below are some of the messages I received:

“I’ve been waiting all day to find a quiet moment to watch this. I’m glad I found the time Cam, amazingly open and amazingly you. You should be so proud of yourself and I’m so glad to call you a friend and inspiration.”

“Great to see good people doing well”

“This has to be one of the best I’ve seen. Love it! More people and especially kids need to hear this message”

“Great powerful talk man. Really like this one! keep up the good work.”

“My man Cameron Parker doing what he does best… inspiring others with his insight, humility and candor. Dream big by all means, but nothing replaces action!
Proud to be associated with a young man who instills so much belief in to so many. ”

“Thank you for this brother Cameron Parker, it really touched me. 100% worth watching”

“I had a chance to have a listen. You rather commanded the stage very brilliantly. Super proud of you, my friend! Amazing things ahead of you.”

“AWESOME! Brilliant to see you commanding that stage!”

There you have it; probably the longest speaking video I have released and one of my favourites, lets be honest I have been talking about it for ages. If you haven’t already; make sure you follow me on all my social medias for daily motivation and for bookings email me personally on and I will be in touch very soon.

TEDx British School of Geneva Cameron Parker

TEDx British School of Geneva Cameron Parker

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