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Take A Risk Take A Risk Take A Risk – Easier said that done right? Especially if you are currently sat back relaxing in your comfort zone, deep down you know you can strive and achieve more but you’re scared. First step YOU MUST do, is watch my new motivational video called ‘Take a Risk’ —–>

Every message and principles I share have come from my own experience, I take risk all the time, and I understand the benefits from it. I wouldn’t expect or ask anything of you that I am not willing to do. Signing that contract with Life media isn’t the only risk I have taken throughout my life, there are many more. Don’t believe me? Here are 5 more risks I have taken –

  • Deciding to pursue my own dreams instead of working for my fathers company at the age of 17. Knowing my decision would affect our relationship and he won’t necessary support me.

(Massive risk for me; however I am sooooooooo happy I followed my own path. It has been hard but I needed to live my life, not someone else’s and I believe I am a better person because of it)

  • Jumping my BMX over a huge jump at the age of 12

(Terrible experience not only did I fail, I failed miserably. Went straight over the handle bars falling flat on my face, gasping for air and pretty confident I was going to die, BUT…..I was only winded and embarrassed haha)

  • Going to University knowing I struggle with education and it may not be for me.

(To begin with I struggled like crazy, then I discovered I have dyslexia and ADD. Once finding that information out I worked at my weaknesses and my ability has improved immensely; plus Uni has provided me with flexibility to create Hungry.Under.Dogs and my speaking brand)

  • Investing money in my businesses at the age of 19-20

(Didn’t have much business knowledge or idea resulting in me wasting time and money on the wrong things, that was tough at the time)

  • Sky Diving in Vegas

(For me this was a risk but wow what an experience, loved every second of it.)

The list can go on; it is important I am honest with you and show you that taking risks may not always go your way. One thing I do know is when you make the decision and you are fully committed to it, you get a crazy buzz and you feel alive. If the risk doesn’t work out, at least you will know you have tried, plus you will not have any “Regrets or What ifs” in life.

I love this quote and certainly food for thought, “There is no right decision, it is about making the decision right”. As humans we are going to do what it takes to survive. Just like I said in the video…

 “When your backs against the wall that is when you are left with no other option but to overcome obstacles and find SUCCESS”

That is it from me today; if you support my motivational movement I have created, then I would appreciate you like and share my work with others.

Until next time…Stay Hungry, Stay Humble and Remember Only The Hungriest Succeed

Take A Risk - Motivational speaker Cameron Parker inspires around the UKTake A Risk Motivational video filmed at SGS College Bristol

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