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Huge event ran by one of the most prestigious universities in the country; and they wanted me to host the show and finish the night off with an inspirational talk. The motivational talk part? Piece of cake; the hosting part? Never done it before.

But of course this was a great opportunity to test my skills and ability. Hosting was new to me, I wanted to see how well I would do because I know ultimately it will make me a better speaker.

Here is a small testimonial I received from the event organisers:

Cameron was an excellent host for our talk night. He was very engaging and rounded off the night with his own talk which he perfectly adapted to a University audience playing a key role in the great success of the event!”

To receive great feedback after this event was music to my ears; it was a huge event ran by the University of Bristol. Most importantly I enjoyed the evening, it was fun doing something different. I am definitely interested in hosting similar events to this; but my passion still lies within motivational speaking.

I want to ask you, what can you do to challenge yourself? Is there something you can do to step outside your comfort zone? Personal growth requires you to challenge yourself and remove any barriers holding you back because nothing can ever be achieved within your comfort zone.

I posted a new video the other day called ‘Take A Risk”, check it out and let me know your thoughts —-> Take a Risk

So stay hungry stay humble and remember only the hungriest succeed

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