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Be honest are you a quitter? Do you quit too easily? If you answered yes then this blog is for you, even if you didn’t answer yes then continue reading because this concept is interesting.

One thing that truly saddens me is observing how easily the majority of people quit when things get tough. You can’t afford to just walk away when facing an obstacle, that will result in living an unfulfilled life and many repercussions can occur because of it.

I was reading the ‘7 Strategies for wealth & Happiness’ from the late Jim Rohn, and he brought a fantastic philosophy to my attention. He suggests that we should all study ants, YES ANTS! What can we possibly learn from ants?

“An ant will never quit. If it’s headed somewhere and you put an obstacle in its way, it will either try to climb over it or go under or around it. If you remove the obstacle, away it goes. And if you put another obstacle in its way, the ant will look for a way – over, under or around. How long will an ant keep trying? UNTILL IT DIES. AN ANT WILL NEVER QUIT”Jim Rohn

My challenge to you is to keep going even when the obstacle may seem undefeatable. You may need to restrategise or take a little break, but I do need you to adopt the ‘Ant Philosophy’ in your everyday life. You are too strong to quit, if it was easy then everyone would do it. Creating greatness takes lots of time and hard work, good luck and keep me updated with your progress.

Until next time…Stay HUNGRY, stay HUMBLE and remember only the HUNGRIEST SUCCEED!


Quitters lifestyle ‘The Ant Philosophy’

Quitters lifestyle ‘The Ant Philosophy’

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