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Darwen Aldridge Academy
has just won the most entrepreneurial school within Europe and I had the opportunity to inspire their year 11s and sixth formers. 2015 has been a hu
ge success, my Inspirational Speaking is going from strength to strength and I appreciated this opportunity.

Firstly I wanted to share this experience with you and my fans; therefore I invited Life Media on the road with me to film the whole thing. The footage will be availaUKs school speaker Cameron Parker inspiring the UKble early in 2016.

The Academy wanted me to motivate their students; touching on topics such as making things happen, working hard in their studies, creating the life they want plus explicitly mentioning the Academies entrepreneurship characteristics they call the DAKA’s.

More information about the DAKA’s —-> DAKA’

The school was an amazing place to visit; I have never been to such an inspiring school, even I felt motivated walking around and I can clearly see why they won the most entrepreneurial school within Europe. The day was a huge success; the students were extremely fun and engaging, it makes my job easier
when I have a crowd who approaches my inspirational talks with an open mind.

Motivational speaking and Inspirational Speaking in the UK,The teachers after were pleased, they told me my motivational message even resonated with them. Here are a few tweets I received throughout the day from the Academy:

 @dacatechnology -Thanks @CamParkerHUD for great talk at DACA. BTEC engineers…don’t wait for something to happen…make it happen.

@DarwenCreates – Loved hearing @CamParkerHUD @LifeMediaUK inspirational #startupstories today. Great motivational messages #CreateYourSuccess #MakeItHappen

@DarwenAldridge – Year 11 students from @DarwenAcademy receiving important motivational messages from @CamParkerHUD #GEWmakeit

@HungryUnderDogs Thanks for making our Friday morning focused. #Motivated #humble @CamParkerHUD

@GEWUK a bit of morning motivation from @CamParkerHUD for the @DACameron Parker inspirational documentary  shot in Birmingham CASixthform Students

@DarwenAldridge “Don’t have regrets and be left asking what if” @CamParkerHUD tells @DACASixthform students #GEWmakeit @dacamakeit

@LifeMediaUK – @CamParkerHUD doing his thing at @DarwenAcademy #Motivation #Filming #School

I honestly can’t wait to see the footage and release the inspirational documentary; my plan is not just to inspire people who attend my talks but also people who follow my social media, website and watch my videos. Here are some pictures from the documentary:

Cameron Parker schools speaker interviewing about success

Michelle Billington provides testimonial for schools speaker Cameron Parker

If you’re searching for a schools speaker to inspire, adding a lasting impact on your students then send me an email at or head over to my contact page.

Until next time, stay humble, stay hungry and remember only the hungriest succeed!

Inspirational Speaking at the most entrepreneurial school within Europe

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