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Swindon Motivational Speaker – Last week I had the opportunity to be invited as the motivational speaker in two Swindon schools. The first hour of the school day was spent at UTC Swindon, motivating around 75 year 10 students. We then made our way across town to Lawn Manor Academy, to spend another 1 hour with 150+ year 10 students. Completely different crowds in both schools; however the same motivational message applied; my goal was to increase and maintain motivational levels, raising aspirations and supporting the students on the transition from year 10 to year 11.Swindon Motivational Speaker

Here are some of the messages I received from the students at both Swindon schools:

“It was GREAT!! Really interesting and I hope you come back to UTC. It was great having you here today. This was probably the best assembly we’ve ever had and the most entertaining”

“I was going through some tough times at school, not working hard, not really paying attention and all I was thinking about was having fun after school and that wasn’t right mindset I wanted. After your speech it made me realise there’s more to life to just messing about all the time and that if I want to have fun I need to do the hard work first, much appreciated bro.”

“Really Inspiring speech. I was so happy for you to come to Lawn Manor”

“Your speech has really made me think about my attitudes towards school and that I need to work my hardest to get the grades I would like to have. Also I have less stress about getting the grades as long as I do the best I can. Thank you”

“Honestly the most motivational thing I’ve ever heard and definitely given me a reason to never give up”

This was my first time as a motivational speaker in Swindon schools; I believe I will be working with more schools in Swindon next academic year. However my schedule is rapidly filling up; if you would like me to motivate your students then please email me personally on and I will get back to you within the next 24 hours. Can’t wait to hear from you, until next time keep up the fantastic work.

Swindon Motivational Speaker

Swindon Motivational Speaker

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