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Oxford Motivational Speaker – I had the opportunity to inspire at Oxford Town Hall through Oxford Royale Academy on July the 9th. A total of 2 motivational speeches, 400 students from all around the world and before I continue, below are some messages I received from the students.

Cameron Parker - Top Uk's Motivational Speaker

“It was pretty good man, I will put 100% effort in on my studies from now on, inspirational stuff. Love From Turkey”

“It was great seeing you!! Thanks for the inspiration” 

“Loved it, was one of the best motivational speeches I have ever heard”

“It taught me to put all of my effort in now; your determination to get to your goal has inspired me.”

“You were great and you are inspirational, I have been a big fan of some of the best motivational speakers and I know a good one when I see him or her. Thank you for making us all believe in ourselves more than usual.”

Straight away I was taken back; I have never been to Oxford before and the place is incredible, especially the town hall where I had the opportunity to inspire 400 students. I remembOxford Motivational Speakerer 5 years ago; when I had the dream to become a motivational speaker, I dedicated my life to it and now I can honestly say my dreams are finally becoming a reality. Motivating individuals in a place like this was something else for me; I hope my followers can see this because if they can see me chasing my dreams then hopefully it will inspire them to chase theirs and that is my ultimate goal.
Next academic year is going to be a great one; my schedule is rapidly filling up, therefore if you would like to book me in for your event then please email me personally on

P.S – Another late message I received from a student from Priory City of Lincoln Academy

“I go to city school, but when you had that session with us you really inspired me to try my best and do as well as I can in lessons no matter what, you really did put a smile on my face that day and you were very entertaining, thank you”

Oxford Motivational Speaker

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