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Lincoln Motivational Speaker – I will keep this short; on Friday I inspired the students at ‘The Priory City Of Lincoln Academy,’ and here are the messages I received after the motivational day from the students via social media:

“I thought it was amazing and really inspirational, it’s made me realise how important focusing on my GCSE’s are, thank you so much for coming in, I’m very proud of you”

“Hello I was in your year nine assembly today and I wanted to thank you because your speech has inspired me to think about what I want to do for my future even more and made me not want to give up on what I want to achieve. thank you so much”

“Great day mate really enjoyed you being with us and really made me think how life is going to turn out in the future, thank you”

“I was at the school that you were at today and it was amazing it really helped me with my confidence”

“The motivational talk you did today at Priory City was unlike anything I’ve heard before. You have inspired me and some of my mates and I just wanted to say thank you.”

“I really enjoyed your speech today, it made me think a lot more about how I can make my dreams come true and anything is possible, you’re a great guy”

“You came to my school today the Priory of City Academy and I think you’re really inspirational and you really inspired me to do my best even if people do laugh, also I am going to start writing 3 things to do a day and do them, thank you for teaching me to believe in myself”

UK Schools Motivation - Cameron Parker“You are so inspirational. you have such a positive look on the world”

“It was so inspirational!! It made me think how important everything you have is. You did such a great job keep doing what you are doing because you are amazing at it”

“You were amazing today. You generally did motivate me tons. Like I started giving up on certain things.”

“Thanks for the advice, I really liked it and really enjoyed it, thank you for inspiring me”

“I’m one of the year 9 students at City school yesterday, I just wanted to thank you for coming in to talk to us and that you have inspired me and a couple others to really focus on our exams”

“Hey thanks for coming to our school today, I hope it gave people ambition to succeed later in life”

“You were so inspiring, thank you”

“Such an inspiring speech and it really helped me and change my views on how I live and it was very motivational, and helped me go gym more”

Teachers voice:

“I was in with year 7 & 8s who really enjoyed and engaged with what you said. My daughter is in year 9 and said you were really good and made her think. I also spoke to some year 10 girls who are quite an interesting group!! They said you were really good and the session went really quickly. The best session of the day by far. I would definitely say you were successful. I know quite a few are already or going to follow you. Great job today”

Lincoln Motivational Speaker - Cameron Parker

Lincoln Motivational Speaker 

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