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Student Interviews UK’s #1 Motivational Speaker – It was an incredibly humbling experience to be asked for an interview from an outstanding student at Outwood Academy Foxhills. I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity; if it benefited one person in a positive way then I would be happy. Please take some time out to watch the video, you will learn more about me personally and the motivational work I am doing within schools around the UK:

I just want to say what a fantastic job the student did when interviewing me; I am a pretty normal guy but it still takes courage to interview an external guest. I was extremely proud of the way she conducted the interview and I truly wish her the best in the future.

In regards to the interview; I hope it has opened your mind to the motivational work I am doing and provided you with a better idea of the person I am. I want to meet and help as many individuals I can; there is no better feeling knowing you’ve helped support and motivate people to do their best and chase their dreams.

I would be lying to you if I said every day is amazing – it is simply not true. We all experience challenges within our lives, but we build character during those difficult moments and in many ways the students and teachers I work with continue to push me forward and help me as much as I help them. Therefore I just want to issue a huge thank you to everyone supporting me; you’ve helped me and, in turn, I’ve helped others and for that very reason I will be forever grateful.

If you want to receive impact & value within your school then please email me personally on and I will respond as soon as I can. Once again thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Student Interviews UK’s #1 Motivational Speaker - Cameron Parker

Student Interviews UK’s #1 Motivational Speaker 

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