Students Ask Questions – Cameron Parker – For those of you who follow me on social media; I recently put out a few ‘Snapchats’ & Instagram stories asking people if they have any questions because I will be doing a Q&A video. I was actually very surprised of how many messages I received and I am grateful for everyone single one of them! Before I continue with the blog watch ‘Students Ask Questions – Cameron Parker’ below:

I had a 3 day road trip ahead of me inspiring in schools all around the UK and I brought my camera team from Gagetline with me to film the whole thing. On the first day; we were both full of energy and I wanted to film as much as possible.

That is the reason I put on my social media pages that I intended to do a Q&A and I am really happy I did because now it holds us both accountable to actually film and produce some quality content.

‘Accountability’ was the key word there; in all honesty the first and second day was incredibly busy, we didn’t get back and settled in the hotel until late, and the last thing I really wanted to do, despite my rugged good looks, was stick my face in a camera and talk – again!

But this was the only opportunity we had – so we grabbed it; we filmed it after 22:00 and, as you can see, energy levels were running low but we managed to get the job done. Everyone always expects a motivational speaker to be full of energy and positivity all the time, it’s not reality.

People relate to me because I am honest and keep it real with the people who listen to me. Therefore I think it’s important to show every aspect of my everyday life.

So please take some time out to watch the video; I also have many more motivational videos on my website with some great inspirational messages, so feel free to browse and enjoy!Students Ask Questions – Cameron Parker

Students Ask Questions – Cameron Parker

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