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School Success – Teachers Feedback – Cameron Parker If impact & value were guaranteed through my motivational service would you bring me in to inspire your students? Inspiration won’t be the only benefit you will receive; there is a huge focus on raising aspirations, creating positive mind-sets, increasing & maintaining motivational levels whilst touching on mental health in our current society. I understand guaranteeing success is a huge claim; therefore don’t just take my word for it, or the thousands of student messages I have received (you can scroll through my blogs to see them for yourself), but watch the video below to hear what teachers are saying:

Above I mentioned the thousands of the student messages I have received, below are three random messages I have received over the last couple of days as a result of the service I provide.

School Success – Teachers Feedback - Parents

Thanks for helping me realise about school, I have managed to achieve a B in my papers”
“I honestly think you are one of the most amazing, inspirational speakers, to go and do what you do, it is so inspirational to talk about your life. I really felt inspired by your story at our School Success – Teachers Feedback - Cameron Parkerschool, thank you Cameron.”

“You inspired me mate, I have gone up three levels since you came to Millbrook, keep it up man, you’re doing a good job, hopefully we meet again”

That’s enough from me; Telford Teacher Talks Cameron Parker Motivational Speakernow it’s your turn, I have a powerful year 11 program you should strongly consider for September, I also offer motivational days and assemblies. If you want to receive a similar outcome in your school and set your students up for success then email me personally on – please be aware my diary is rapidly filling up so contact me as soon as you can to avoid disappointment!

Schools Speaker - Cameron Parker UKSchool Success – Teachers Feedback – Cameron Parker

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