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The new motivational documentary is finally here; we have been holding onto this one for a little while, especially as we have released the “Daily Motivational Tip Video’ beforehand. However before I continue, please watch the video below it’s a MUST:

** WARNING BLOG HAS NOT BEEN EDITED – SPELLING MISTAKES MAY OCCUR ** This motivational video is a little different to what I have previously released; my goal is to release videos similar to this on a regular basis, so you can see how I spend my time on the road.

The reason behind investing lots of money into projects like this is to inspire others; what use to happen is that someone would love my motivational sessions and then there was nothing after that.

The motivation they once had would run out, therefore I needed to create ways I can keep my listeners excited and inspired. Therefore I made a personal commitment to videos and social media, to reinforce my motivational messages.

My goal is to inspire others; and if you can see me chasing my dream everyday, hopefully it will motivate and inspire you to do the same thing. In the motivational documentaries I plan to show the good, the bad and the ugly.

It’s easy to portray one side of the story; most people do that and we all know life doesn’t work like that. We all experience ups and downs in everyday life, including me. Life can be difficult, but despite the challenges we face we must be able to fight back and continue to push forward despite how we feel, despite how many times we get kicked back again.

This video began by inspiring at Downend School in Bristol; I then went on to Bristol Fitness Gym to do a quick weight lifting session, then I headed to Corsham school to do a year 11 assembly followed by a year 11 workshop with a selected group of students.

Please let me know what you think to videos like this; I always want to improve and provide extreme value to my listeners. Until next time, continue working hard and do not stop chasing your dream.

Open Your Mind To Success | Motivation 01

Open Your Mind To Success | Motivation 01

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