I see over it and over again. The lack of direction individuals have when pursuing a particular dream is specific problem I’d like to help with. We tend to keep it in the back of our minds and never take the actionable steps necessary to move in the right direction. My first bit of advice would be what I have shared in the video below:

I have a limited amount of time when running motivational assemblies therefore there is only so much information I can get across. This is just the starting point; however in my workshops I will look more into the obstacles and challenges the individuals are faced with, devising a plan that will support them through overcoming the difficulties they are faced with. This also includes goal-setting and other strategies I utilise in my motivational sessions.

I loved every minute of inspiring at Corsham School. It’s a brilliant school with great students. The lesson I shared in the video is very simple, just write a list of 3 things that need to be done that day and don’t go to sleep until you have achieved them!


I have received many messages from students on my social media pages telling me they have implemented this into their daily routines and the outcome has been incredible. This comes from my own personal experience; I write more than a list of 3 but this provides me with an outcome and something to achieve everyday instead of just leaving it up to memory. 

Time to wrap this blog up; my challenge to you is to implement this into your day to day life, try it for a minimum of 30 days and let me know the progress you have made.
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Daily Motivational Tip – Inspirational Speech

Daily Motivational Tip – Inspirational Speech 

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