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Awards evenings can always be an anti-climax; huge build up, excitement, nerves you name it. The handing out of awards runs smoothly but then you invite up the keynote speaker to the stage; the anticipation is building and you’re unsure what to expect, despite paying massive amount of money (That You Don’t Have) and within seconds you realise you’ve made a huge mistake.

Then there’s the couple of seconds that turn into a long speech that seemed to drag and make everyone in the crowd fall asleep. Okay. I apologise, maybe a slight over exaggeration there but I hear stories like this on a regular basis. Correct me if I’m wrong but you deserve a speaker who is:

Guest Speaker - Cameron Parker



Uses Humor (why so serious?)



The list can go on! My point is this; you, your students and the parents deserve the best because let’s be honest this is your big end of year event. I totally understand that finding the right guest speaker can be a difficult task and I’m not saying I am the perfect fit for your event (or am I!?). However I have done countless talks at these types of events.

The most recent was when I had the opportunity to be the guest speaker at St David’s High School; the talk was short, 5 – 10 minutes, but even in that time the impact was incredible. You can always tell when your speech is relatable; after the event I had parents & students thanking me and wanting to share their stories too. It was a great success and it’s always nice to receive a text from the head teacher:

“Thanks again for coming to our awards evening tonight, Cameron. We were all really impressed with your approach and look forward to working with you again very soon”

The awards season is here; if you don’t want to be disappointed on the night then I know a great guest speaker, he goes by the name of ‘Cameron Parker’… have you heard of him?
Time to get serious, my schedule is rapidly filling up, if you would like to book me in, or you have any questions then don’t hesitate to email me personally on

Guest Speaker

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