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Cameron Parker Teaming Up With MIIEGO – It’s official; we have joined forces with Miiego sports headphones, and when I say we, I mean myself and Hungry Underdogs. Before I get into the post, take 40 seconds out to watch the promotional video below:

This partnership has been in the pipeline for a while now; I have been wearing MIIEGO headphones in the gym for about a year and now we’ve finally decided to make it official!

The majority of people tend to listen to music in the gym or when they are working out; putting on the headphones is a great opportunity to get lost in your thoughts and to support you while you push yourself as hard as you possibly can.

For me personally, I have always struggled finding a decent pair of headphones that doesn’t limit what exercises I actually do when I work out. For example; I used to just wear the standard ‘Apple’ headphones (other headphones are available!) but there was nothing more frustrating when you’re working out and the headphones keep falling out of your ears or you get tangled up in the wire.

I then decided to get some ‘over the head’ Bluetooth headphones and once again they kept falling off when I was performing certain exercises. Therefore when MIIEGO reached out to me it was perfect timing; I was currently looking to try something new.

Straight away I was blown away from the quality of the headphones and how comfortable they actually were. I fell in love with them so I started to look more into the company. I agreed with what they stood for and I believe there were many similarities in what they believed in, as a brand, and what Hungry.Under.Dogs believes in.

I wouldn’t say it (or team up with anyone) if I didn’t believe in what they do or if I didn’t love their product, so do check them out and keep your eyes peeled for the new content coming soon.

Cameron Parker Teaming Up With MIIEGO

Cameron Parker Teaming Up With MIIEGO

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