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Starting a Podcast – Wow I am excited for this one; but before I begin, there maybe some spelling or grammatical errors. I didn’t have chance to get this post edited, as I am just too eager in releasing this motivational video. However as the majority of you already know; reading and writing is a little weakness of mine especially as I am heavily dyslexic, but for this post I need you to look past that. Before I continue, I need you to check out the video below:

This is a short clip from our first ever episode for ‘Old Head, Young Shoulders Podcast’. We are releasing this little preview so you can see what you can expect, once the motivational podcast is released.

The launch of the podcast will be happening over the next couple of weeks; we have a new website and new content coming. This will be a regular thing; and you will be able to watch us or download the audio and listen to us regardless of your location.

In the motivational clip; you will discover how we got started on this journey, and how we just decided to take action and made it happen. We didn’t overthink the process; but as Peter Rowland said, it is because we are not scared to fail, progress over perfection every time.

I couldn’t agree more because let’s be honest; one day we will look back on our first episode and laugh, but until we start producing content then we just won’t be able to improve. Therefore if you are looking to start something new; begin a new journey then just start now, do not wait for the perfect moment because it doesn’t exist. The majority wait for the perfect moment, that is why many individuals don’t get the results they want, the ones who stand out are the people doing it, and doing it on a consistent basis.

I have even came from a place of bitterness before; I have seen people do what I wanted to do, and I would say things like “They are not good, how are they winning right now?” The reason is because as I was wasting energy on watching others, they were putting in consistent level of action. Thankfully I have learned from it and I try my best everyday to improve and grow. I am not pretending I still don’t have a very long way to go, because I do, however I am happy knowing that I am moving in the right direction.

Anyways guys, I am about to wrap up this motivational blog. Just to remind you the full episode and website will be coming very soon, I still can’t believe I am working on a project with my old headteacher, crazy how things change right? Until next time, work hard and be nice.

Starting a Podcast - Cameron Parker

Starting a Podcast

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