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3 Teacher Testimonials – Last week we had the opportunity to film 3 teacher testimonials; I work with all three of the teachers, delivering motivational packagers or regular motivational speeches in their schools.

Phil Bevan and Cameron Parker

We started the day at Bristol Metropolitan Academy, apart of the Cabot Federation. We had the opportunity to film a testimonial with Abbigael Bainton, team leader and science teacher at the academy.

We then made our way across town and across to Radstock. It was there we had the opportunity to film a testimonial with the Headteacher of Somervale School, Joanna Postlewaite.

We finished the 3 teacher testimonials off strong with a visit at Devizes School in Wiltshire. We had the opportunity to film a t3 Teacher Testimonials - Motivational Speaker - Somervale Schoolestimonial with Headteacher Phil Bevan.

We want to highlight the positive work we are doing in schools across the UK, which is the reason we want to provide this content for you. Especially as we guarantee impact and value, therefore if you can see other teachers and other educational leaders opinions on our motivational service, then hopefully it will inspire you to bring us in to your school to deliver motivational speeches and motivational workshops.

We have a mission to inspire as many people as we can across the UK and the world; therefore investing in days like this is absolutely crucial. It is not enough for me to just tell you how great we are, or for you to even see a3 Teacher Testimonials - Bristol Met highlight reel, it really shows the impact when we have others talking about it, as they are putting their name on it.

With that said if you are looking for guaranteed impact and value in your school, or if you have any questions, then please email me personally on and I will be in touch as soon as I can.

3 Teacher Testimonials

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